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Basic rules for writing a Curriculum Vitae / Resume

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It is not a story
Text have to be structured. It should not be longer than two pages but do not be too brief. Do not omit any of your previous work positions or experience.

No mistakes
It is obvious that there must not be any grammatical or spelling mistakes in your CV. It should also be stylistically pure – colloquial expressions are not accepted but on the other hand, professional terminology and abbreviations that prove you know a lot about your profession are desirable.

It must be attractive at first sight
You are not the only one who is interested in the position but you want to be the only person who gets it. That is why your CV should be clearly organised and also grafic arrangement should be taken into consideration. Choose an unusual graphic arrangement and fonts but preserve good taste and purity of style. CV models offered by the web site CV are being made on the basis of many years of experience to capture attention at first sight from the point of view of graphic arrangement and its structure. If your CV is different from the others, there is a strong possibility that personnel clerk will rather notice yours.

Truth and nothing else but the plain truth
Many people feel an urge to make their CV somehow "better": to correct a little the date of their first day at work, to omit some of the jobs they had, ...and suddenly there is a new CV which is completely different from that the personal department or the company got from one applicant few months ago. If the personnel clerk notice he will consider it as a sign of levity and unfair behaviour.

A good idea! Let your friends read your CV
They can discover something you cannot see and draw your attention to the things that are not clear enough and also of formulations that are not suitable.

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