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CV Templates - Download and edit with MS Word

Your CV and Cover Letter must impress from the first time

Your CV / Resume is one of the most important tools you have when looking for a job.You are not the only one who is interested in the position but you want to be the only person who gets it. That is why your Resume / CV should be clearly organised and also graphic arrangement should be taken into consideration. Your CV / Resume must look professional and be easy to read. CVspecial-designed CV Word templates are being made on the basis of many years of experience to capture attention at first sight from the point of view of graphic arrangement and its structure. Recruiter takes a quick look at your CV / Resume and CL at first for maximum 25 seconds, some Recruiters can do even with just 10 seconds according to a research. If your CV / Resume and CL is different from the others there is a bigger possibility of him taking you into consideration and further reading of your documents.

The difference between a good CV / Resume and a bad one is the difference between a new job and a continued unemployment.

Easy - To - Use
CV Word templates will save you hours of time consuming page layout and graphic production. All the designed backgrounds, graphics and colours have been created and pre-set by an expert graphic designer. The design and structure of CV Word templates and Cover Letter templates is unitary. You simply insert your text and that´s it! So each CV template has its own signature.

CV Word Template Package Includes:

  • CV Word template for 2 or 3 pages - Microsoft Word (DOC)
  • Cover Letter Word template - Microsoft Word (DOC)
  • Suggestions how to write Curriculum Vitae and Cover Letter

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